5 Benefits Of Working With A Facebook Certified Marketing Partner


We were recently honoured by having been selected as a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner — one of the highest-ranking certifications within the Facebook Marketing Partners Programme and a sought-after accolade for agencies.

That’s good news for us, and great news for our clients.


Because this exclusive recognition puts us apart in our industry and lends legitimacy to our quality of work. Working with a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner gives our clients the competitive edge they need to reach their business goals in the most efficient way.

What is the Facebook Marketing Partner Programme?

The Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) programme is a directory of individuals, agencies, and technology platforms (apps) that are certified for their success in marketing. This is for work done in either advertising, sales or engagement. In other words: Launching, managing and measuring campaigns, helping clients fulfil orders, or connecting businesses to customers with purposeful content and messaging.

The Facebook marketing partner directory is a great resource for businesses looking for the expertise needed to excel in digital marketing.

As a Facebook Partner, Signifi Media has been vetted according to what we do best:

  • • eCommerce Sales
  • • Supporting Online Marketplaces
  • • Ad Automation Services

Why Choose a Facebook Certified Partner?

There are plenty of reasons to team up with a Facebook Certified Partner in your digital marketing endeavours. But ultimately, it all boils down to one thing: Results. Working with a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner you can tap into a wealth of expertise and get better outcomes, faster.

Here are five reasons to join forces with a Facebook Certified Marketing Partner.

  • 1. ExperienceAs a digital marketing agency with over 17 years experience across a range of online disciplines, we have various strengths that set us apart. Experience is one of them.In fact, we’re lucky enough to manage the online advertising operations of some of Australia’s biggest brands. This experience is invaluable when it comes to getting results for our clients. Knowing what work and what don’t work on various digital platforms enables us to fast track our clients’ success and get the results that they’re looking for.
  • 2. Analytical ApproachA big part of getting great ROI on marketing campaigns has to do with data and numbers. Our operations team are experts and analytically driven when it comes to display and social advertising campaigns, optimisation and performance.By analysing the nitty gritty part of campaigns we can fine-tune the creative messaging, targeting and placement to get optimal performance for each campaign.
  • 3. Creativity CountsWe are focused on bringing your data to life within dynamic creative. Our creative team is seasoned in creating beautiful, eye-catching visuals, coupled by engaging copy that sparks action.By tailoring and customising your adverts, and by making them stand out from the clutter online, we help to fulfil your vision for your campaigns, driving you better performance.
  • 4. Advanced ToolsWe utilise exclusive analytics tools to gain insights, draw up reports and make recommendations that improve client performance.In addition, Facebook Partners get access to beta releases of new Facebook and Instagram features. This includes ad placements, conversion optimisations, and advanced audience targeting, all of which give our clients the competitive advantage.
  • 5. 24/7 SupportWhen you have a big sale moment, the last thing you need is your Facebook Ads Manager to be down or having to deal with payment issues.This is where you need a dedicated team to bypass the slow back-and-forth of Facebook’s general chat support feature and the expertise to resolve the issue quickly and painlessly.We’ll give you preferential support with a consultation with our experts to resolve technical issues faster than any other advertiser can.

Team up with Signifi Media, a Facebook Certified Marketing Partner

We would love to show you exactly how we can get you great results – whether you are interested in dynamic creative and retargeting, creative design, ad automation or a digital strategy. Get in touch today. We’ll show you how our expertise and products will benefit your business and increase your audience and conversion rates faster.