The New Phrase On The Block: Dynamic Relationships

As we say farewell to 2017 and look towards the next year ahead, the most significant driver for refreshing advertising strategies and transforming digitally will be customer experience.

The sum of experiences that your customers have had with you is equal to how your brand, products and services is perceived by them. These experiences can include the availability and quality of content you produce, the ease of an online shopping experience or adverts that your users see based on relevant products and services or promotions and sales.

We often talk about dynamic advertising from a technical point of view but have you thought about why it is so effective? The core of dynamic advertising is the ability to create and nurture dynamic relationships with your customers online. This highlights the importance of using deeper data insights and technology to run strategic campaigns, ensure advert-to-consumer relevancy, brand and offering authenticity as well as higher engagement for better brand awareness and bottom-line growth.

Because consumers continue to have increased expectations from businesses, to stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to continuously increase their quality of service through innovation, automation and artificial intelligence. Creating authentic customer experiences leads the pack and deeper, more personalised engagement is no longer expected from small businesses only. Dynamic advertising enables smaller businesses to maintain their relationships whilst concentrating on growth strategies and large businesses are able to provide a more personalized approach.

Targeting your consumers with content relevant to their demographic, location and personal interests will soon become the norm. In order to really instill a personalized experience you also need insight into their behavior online in order to show them what they really want to see! In turn, business revenue goals are more tangible.

As we are heading into another year of advancements in advertising, technology and associated social behavior; Authentic language, messaging and design is more critical than ever. Consistency here is key and we need to incorporate search, online display, social and online TV platforms into digital strategies, while creating a positive device-agnostic experience, focusing on user experience as the key metric.

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