The Great Escape: Easter 2021


“A liberating change. A change of scenery. A new experience”

Keep these words in mind because they will be the new mantra for this Easter 2021. The most anticipated long weekend of the year is close! Easter 2021 will not be ‘just another break’ we take for granted. It will be an opportunity for us to spend four days escaping our COVID lives, appreciating the fabulous state we live in. Isolation is the time to dream today, escape tomorrow. Where will you be next Easter?

Here are three ways advertisers can HELP their customers with the great ESCAPE:

  • Discovering Gems
    Get ready to CREATE NEW EXPERIENCES for your customers. Recent rapid border changes will force people to consider staying in their home state for their next adventure.SURPRISE AND INSPIRE YOUR CUSTOMERS, helping them to discover and appreciate the amazingness of their home state. If you cannot cross the border, you have to enjoy the holidays close-to-home and experience the best of your city and the countryside.
  • Embracing Local
    More than ever, Australians are supporting local business. Consumers are making a special effort to purchase from Aussie brands. It’s now time for your brand to build a deeper connection with the community and BECOME PART OF SOMETHING EXCITING. From Feb–May, local groups on Facebook globally grew their membership by 3.3X.
  • Escaping Routine
    Easter is when we enjoy getting creative, and it can be an opportunity to learn a new craft, take your culinary skills to the next level and more.You have to SUBVERT THE ROUTINE and inspire creativity and deliver a means to escape from the daily monotonous life. This is the perfect time to create video content (Reels, IG story) to share on your social platform and engage more customers.

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