The Future of Work: Marketing Jobs so Gen Z will Notice 

Want to attract Gen Z candidates? Video job listings are emerging as an effective method to put jobs in front of the most tech-savvy generation there is.

A lot has changed since classified job ads in the newspaper. The job market is dynamic, fresh and nuanced, and the new generation of candidates even more so. 

The newspaper itself has diversified – taken a life of its own. Tik toks, Instagram reels and disappearing videos are now a language in their own right. From 5 ingredient recipes to travel itineraries – everything has moved to video. 

This brings up a very important question for job marketers. How do they reach this new generation of nimble new-age job seekers with the jobs they’d be best suited to

First, let’s get to know them a little better?

Who is this new generation of job seekers? In their mid twenties, they’re also known as the Gen Z, and they’ve never known life before the internet.They’ve grown up consuming and engaging with video content on a daily basis. Their knowledge of technology is unmatched, and according to this survey by Morning Consult, they spend over four hours a day on social media.

And where do they spend time online? The answer to that is simple: Video.

According to this survey, Gen Z spends 76 % of its time on Instagram. And TikTok (68%) and Snapchat (67%) aren’t too far behind either

The pivot to video

Traditionally, job listings have been text-based. But with everything (and everyone) moving to video, perhaps it is time to meet the candidate where they are anyway.

The benefits of video are many pronged. For instance, video content tends to perform well on social media platforms, and sharing job listings in video format can help employers reach a wider audience. Videos are also more likely to be shared, liked, and commented on, increasing the visibility of the job posting.

Let’s look at a few more benefits below

Depth of communication: Video is a great medium for employers to convey the whole picture more effectively – from company culture and work environment to the nuances of a job role. Employers can introduce team members, provide office tours and showcase a- day-in-the-life of the advertised role, giving potential candidates a real good glimpse into the workplace.

Stand out in a cluttered market: Job listings on video have the potential to capture candidates’ attention in a well-rounded way. A snappy and well-produced video can be engaging and memorable, helping the job posting stand out in comparison to the countless text ads in the market.

Personal Connection: Video allows hiring managers or team members to make a personal connection with candidates, meeting them where they’re already at. This personal touch can create a sense of connection and help candidates get a better feel for their potential employers. 

Hello, Loopa-Automate

Producing videos however can be a lengthy and time consuming process. Here is where Loopa Automate slides in – automating and optimising the process to bring you more leads, better suited candidates and profitability overall.

Loopa-Automate automatically extends your text listings off market and at scale. What does this mean? Our integrated platform lets your listings go the extra mile – carrying them onto networks sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin among others, thus increasing their reach and shareability. 

How does Loopa-Automate work?

The clue lies in the name – Automation. The Loopa-Automate engine combs through text listings, automatically generating video creative that is engaging, dynamic and designed to convert. Job seekers (active and passive) are then exposed to posted these posts wherever they go online, driving the audience back to the employer’s site. Moving to video in an optimised and targeted way like this provides increased page-views and engagement.

Loopa-Automate is designed to advertise listings beyond the employer’s own site using the power of first party data, programmatic and social channels.It lets the engine create 1000s of campaigns per day or per month – all at low cost.

Value of video

By harnessing the power of video, companies can craft compelling narratives that go beyond the limitations of traditional job listings. Videos offer the unique opportunity to pop out beyond what is already being done. The storytelling videos help Gen Z candidates form deeper connections and evaluate the potential fit between their own wishlist and the company’s ethos. Win, win!