Social Media Management Services – An example in what to look for

Here in Australia, over a third of users check their social media more than five times a day, which is an increase on the previous year. Spending an average of 35 min on their feed, nearly 75% of consumers rely on social media to make a purchase decision.

Here’s a few more stats to marinate on: just six hours of social media management per week can lead to a 66% increase in lead generation and a 61% improvement in search engine rankings.

If you aren’t building your reputation with social media you are essentially invisible online, and instantly putting yourself at a disadvantage to your competitors. Your social media is the face of your company and is often the first thing customers see. Make it count, by telling your story on social media. This will humanise your brand, while educating and engaging your current and future customers.

Regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. It’s imperative that you engage and connect them to your brand, so that you’re always their first choice.


  • Let us tell your story
  • What’s in it for you?
  • What we’ll do
  • Growth by engagement
  • The Pitch


Signifi offers a range of social media management services that are sure to suit your current business needs. We’ll transform your social media presence with high-quality content, regular activity, improved engagement and increased followers. With over a decade of social media management and strategy experience for businesses, both large and SME, across multiple industries, we know how to we organically morph and develop with the ever-changing goal posts and algorhythms that is today’s social media. This experience ensures not just your success, but ours too. And if you haven’t got any social media pages yet, don’t stress. Our expert team will help you create your social identity, including imagery and social campaigns if required.


A carefully curated social media strategy can bring endless opportunities to your business, but it’s important to choose your content wisely and integrate it into your holistic marketing strategy. We believe that it’s better to concentrate on fewer platforms and do them well, presenting a consistent identity, voice and tone. This consistency will create genuine engagement and connections between your business and your customers. Social media can be effective for the growth and success of your business, online and off. We will create, curate and conceptualise bespoke content to help you compliment your SEO efforts. We’ll free up your time and grow your business synchronously.


We’ll carefully research your customers, the market, the competition and compare the data to your brand identity and story. This will be followed by an assessment of where you are right now, where you want to go, how we will get there and how we will measure it.

We then reverse engineer what’s currently working and build your strategy around those current success. Along with a tailored social media strategy, we also offer:

  • Content calendar [keyword research, content strategy, scheduling, promotion plan and
  • create all optimised written and visual content]
  • Content/Giveaways
  • Content ideation and copywriting
  • Posting and moderating
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • Boosted posts
  • Reviews
  • Direct messaging/Sales assistance


One of the biggest opportunities that social media provides businesses is the one most often neglected: connecting with your customers on a one-to-one level. Every social platform, including Facebook, allows you to connect with your customers on a one-to-one level. Comments, direct message and mentions enable the opportunity to ignite a conversation. We believe that the best way to ignite this engagement is by connecting on a human level, using personality and humour. Using humour and creativity is an opportunity for your brand to be memorable, relevant and highly engaged.

If humour is not a part of your online brand identity, we’ll use our creativity to make help your company stand out. And if humour is an integral part of your online identity, we’ll ensure that the humour is consistent with your brand identity and what it represents.

Growing your followers on social media will help to increase word of mouth, referrals and brand awareness. We’ll help you to increase your followers with relevant people, ensuring that your followers match the demographics, interests and behaviours of your typical customers. This audience growth will drive real, organic traffic to your website and storefront. Keeping your audience informed about the happenings in your industry and your business is a great way to make it easy for them to choose you. People love to learn about things that add value to their lives and chances are your business does just that. Post regularly about the who you are and what you do, will help to gain trust with your audience.


Social media is time consuming. Working with Signifi will provide you with an end-to-end social media management service that takes a holistic view of your business and that will give you the precious time back that you need to spend more time managing your business. By sharing relevant, relatable content on a regular basis we’ll keep your customers happy whilst also attracting new ones, to keep your social media platforms healthy and active. Follows, comments, shares, likes, tweets, retweets, adds, views, pins, posts, votes and mentions – thankfully, we’re fluent in social so you don’t have to be.