Search Engine Optimisation

If you’re confused about SEO, you’re not alone. Many businesses are aware of its enigmatic power and influence but don’t really know why. Luckily we do!

Our knowledgeable and confident SEO experts have proven track records for improving site ranking, delivering qualified traffic that converts into sales and leads, reducing Cost-Per-Lead to increase organic traffic.

A direct benefit of improved SEO is an increase in organic traffic. SEO campaigns need to be expertly crafted, unique and based on extensive research about your business, your competition and your customers.

Each expertly crafted SEO strategy needs to begin with a ‘why’. Does your business need to increase sales, boost traffic or promote awareness? Gathering an understanding for your goals lets us refine your SEO strategy.

Our goal is to educate you in the process so you understand each step of the process. Our SEO team are based in Perth, ready to chat at any point in the process.

SEO is a slow burner, results won’t come over night. Once your website has gotten the attention of search engines it will appear in their search results. It’s then that we set to task analysing the analytics for constant improvements and presenting our findings in detailed reporting.

Content Audit.

Another key component of creating your SEO strategy is a comprehensive audit, of all indexable site content. We look for broken links, dead and orphaned pages, duplicate content, mobile compatibility and display, accuracy of site map, validity of page structure, click paths, number of outgoing links, pages with too little content, image size, image alt text and were markups used properly. This audit will identify the areas that require improvement and will immediately benefit your site ranking.

Meta Tag Optimisation.

This is an extensive exercise that analyses the tags on every page. We consider the length of page titles, uniqueness of page titles, meta descriptions and are the heading tags in chronological order and are there any duplicates.

Content Analysis.

Uniquely relevant content is what both customers/consumers/clients and search engines value the most. By conducting thorough and regular content analysis for all of your pages, we can help you to rank higher than your competitors. These regular audits are vital to your future success by ensuring that your content is producing the best results possible, while avoiding any ranking penalties.

Site health check.

Calculating the health of your website is not just about judging its look and feel or how “user-friendly” it is. The total evaluation of your site’s health considers all its facets, including how it’s managed on a daily basis. Using various industry tools, we’ll evaluate the health of your site and identify any issue and roadblocks that prevent customers from getting to your site or coming back for repeat visits. Some of what we’ll be assessing is; site speed, social links, all content, mobile and tablet compatibility, security, outbound links, 301 redirects and frequency of back-ups.

Local SEO.

With an increase of localised search, based on smart phone users individual GPS location, we want to ensure that your site takes advantage of this potential local traffic, by increased ranking on the SERP and map interfaces. We will leverage of your local ranking factors like name, address and phone number, Google My Business and customer reviews to help your business to maximise its local reach.

Content Marketing.

It’s been said time and time again, content is king. This is still true and valid today. With our approach to content marketing, which is complimentary and not mutually exclusive from SEO, we see it to be broad and holistic. Using keywords, backlinks with an ongoing and consistent content strategy, we’ll help you leverage off the resources and channels you have access to for achieving all of your business’ goals.


With our clients and within our team, we pride ourselves in being transparent. We want you to know how your SEO efforts are tracking. We will meet with you monthly to go through various, bespoke and comprehensive reports to discuss detailed key metrics including conversions, performance, page ranking and traffic stats.

It starts with a campaign plan.

Our Account Managers will review your business, understand your audience and then work with our Ad Operations team to find the best channels for your success.

Our team work daily to optimise our clients campaigns – this means reviewing the little nuggets of data and information that we can manipulate to drive higher sales or leads.

There are no lock in contracts with us. Every campaign needs to drive results – therefore if we are not performing our clients are free to go elsewhere. We boast a 95% retention rate – join us to assist in the success of your online business.

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