The Big Problem with Google Remarketing They’re Not Telling You.

There’s no argument that nothing converts browsers into buyers and leads quite like remarketing ads. Remarketing works. Advertisers know it, and so does Google.

For the uninitiated, remarketing ads allow advertisers to show ads across the web, and even in apps and social networks, to people who have visited your site and for whatever reason, didn’t convert.

It allows advertisers to laser-target their highest intent audience with powerful messaging to get them over the line. For example, offering free-shipping to that user who abandoned their $200 shopping cart to get them over the line. Or, an offer of a free consultation to the user who didn’t fill out an enquiry form for your law firm.

It’s because of this that most advertisers see astronomical returns on ad spend of as much as 1,000% for these sorts of campaigns.

Given Google’s massive power in the digital space, it’s no wonder that many advertisers both big and small use their Google AdWords platform to set up their remarketing campaigns.

What Google won’t tell you though is that, while they can offer access to a large ad network, it is merely a fraction of the entire available ad space on the market.

In fact, Google Display only accounts for a quarter of total available impressions on the market. So, while many advertisers are happy with their remarketing campaigns, what they don’t realise is that they could be doing much, much better.

After all, given that remarketing converts at the highest ROI of most digital marketing channels, isn’t it logical that you should aim to reach as close to 100% of this audience as possible?

With Google alone, this just isn’t possible. Enter Loopa remarketing.

Loopa is a remarketing solution which enables advertisers to reach a remarketing audience across Yahoo, Fairfax,, Linkedin, Microsoft, as well as Google’s own exchange, and many more.

This greater reach enables advertisers to reach more of their best audiences and ultimately deliver better results.

Lastly, we advocate complimenting retargeting with Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) We will build your customised dynamic creative ad-tech in-house by our highly skilled and experienced Ad Operations team, but we also offer a white-label solution for Agencies as well. We specialise in all things dynamic and love to push the limits with our technology. And because we wrote our own ad-tech, it’s easy for us to quickly meet your requirements, so you can turn window shoppers into buyers.

Why Work with Signifi Media?

Retargeting has become a fundamental part of any overall marketing strategy because it will boost your company’s visibility, build your brand, it’s highly targeted and most of all will help you achieve quality conversions. Occasionally, marketers are confronted with certain challenges and Programmatic display retargeting platforms are extremely complex, so it’s valuable to have someone to help you navigate. That’s where we come in.

Entice and Engage your users

We’ll help to entice and engage your users again with personal and precise display ads of specific products and offers that they have previously browsed or considered purchasing. We know that these products are relevant and of interest to the user, something they actually care about and we know that they have a higher intent to purchase and we’ll create higher conversion rates and real profits for your business.

Pin Point accuracy

We’ll provide you with campaign specific data that will give you an understanding of where your impressions are coming from and which of your ad creatives are performing the best. Your Account Manager will leverage this data to continually make improvements and tweaks to your retargeting campaigns, focusing only on the channels and audiences that deliver the highest ROAS.


At Signifi, we pride ourselves on transparency. All of our managed campaigns will reach your audience exactly where they are, all across the web and we’ll deliver detailed reporting so that you know and see what’s working, when and where.

Step 1. We'll write up a campaign plan

Our Account Managers will review your business, understand your audience and then work with our Ad Operations team to find the best channels for your success. We have over 50 Private Market Place deals with some of the largest publishers in Australia so we don't just run on Facebook and Google!

Step 2. We execute your campaigns

Our Ad operations team work daily to optimise our clients campaigns - this means reviewing the little nuggets of data and information that we can manipulate to drive higher sales or leads.

We drive Success

There are no lock in contracts with Signifi Media. Every campaign needs to drive results - therefore if we are not performing our clients are free to go elsewhere. With 95% retention rate - join us to assist in the success of your online business.