Automated Native Advertising: Identify, target, acquire and retain customers

Consumers are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional forms of advertising. This is why more marketers – from big brands to small startups – are allocating bigger budgets towards non-disruptive ad formats.

One of these ad formats is native advertising.

What is native advertising?

Native ads are programmatically bought, which is why “native advertising” and “programmatic advertising” are used interchangeably.

Native advertising involves the display of digital, non-disruptive advertisements on high-profile websites, to the right person at the right time.

Automated media buying platforms such as Taboola leverage machine learning and contextual signals to tailor and automate native ads to the user, resulting in better results for advertisers. Native advertising is cohesive with the page content, well assimilated into the page design and consistent with the platform behaviour – to such an extent that the viewer feels the ad belongs there.

Native advertising, a tactic that supports performance marketing, is a non-disruptive, non-intrusive ad format that offers brands the ability to capitalise on increased relevance and personalisation.

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What is Taboola?

Taboola is the world’s largest programmatic advertising platform that helps thousands of digital advertisers reach their audiences with enticing automated native ads on some of the world’s most popular websites and apps. The platform serves 360 billion programmatic ads to over one billion people across the web each month.

The Taboola native advertising platform has exclusive partnerships with many of the world’s top, most reputable publishers. This means that digital marketers can advertise their products and services in a brand-safe environment. Some of the Taboola publishers include:

  • Bild
  • Bloomberg
  • NBC News
  • Le Figaro
  • MSN
  • The Independent
  • The Weather Channel

Taboola’s predictive engine is powered by Deep Learning technology. It uses the system’s unique data about people’s interests and information consumption to automatically display the right advertisement to the right person at the right time.

Taboola’s massive scale, combined with its insightful content consumption data and world-class AI technology, make it one of the world’s most well-performing native advertising platforms.

How do Taboola native ads work?

Native advertising works in terms of supply and demand, which is mediated through an automated media buying platform like Taboola. Publishers with a wide audience reach looking to monetise their sites supply advertising space. On the demand side are advertisers looking to reach an in-market audience and reach marketing objectives around awareness, sales or lead generation.

Taboola native advertising is effective across the entire buyer journey – from raising awareness to driving online purchases. Advertisers can choose from a range of advertising options based on various marketing objectives:

  • Drive new traffic and build awareness
  • Generate quality leads
  • Increase conversions and sales
  • Retarget consumers

The benefits of native advertising

Native advertising is an efficient way of reaching and engaging users who are most likely to buy the product or service you are selling. Here are some of the advantages of including this ad format into your digital marketing strategy:

  • Native display ads are less disruptive than any other ad format – these ads are integrated better within the page where they appear. Since they are less noticeable, they are less disruptive.
  • More trustworthy than traditional advertising – according to a Time Inc. study, two in every three GenZ, Millennials and GenX consumers trust branded or custom content more than traditional advertising. As an ad format that allows for more personalisation and creativity, native ads really appeal to this more visually-inclined, younger audience. In fact, according to the study, 93% of GenZ respondents said they’re open to custom content and want to see brands do something new, unique, or creative. Since programmatic ads generally are more entertaining and thought-provoking, they are more likely to draw this audience.
  • Native ads put the advertiser in control – one of the biggest advantages of native advertising is that we can purposefully put your ads into an environment where they will be seen by a selected or target audience, mixed with similar content, matching intent, and topic. So there’s absolutely no uncertainty about who will see your ads, where they’ll appear and when your ads will be shown.
  • Native ads receive a higher click-through-rate (CTR) – according to an AppNexus whitepaper, the CTR of native ads is 8.8 times higher than typical display ads.

How to get the most from your native advertising marketing budget

Hiring a programmatic ad agency that has developed a world-class automated media buying platform is a great way of getting the best return on ad spend (ROAS) for your native advertising.

Using the world-leading Taboola platform, Signifi Media’s programmatic advertising specialists will target your ads with precision, maximising ROAS and reducing cost-per-lead (CPL).

As a leading Australian native marketing agency, we are able to create high-performing programmatic ad campaigns, whether you want to find new customers by targeting the digital profiles that are similar to those of your current customers, or retarget people who have visited your website before.

What does a Taboola ad agency’s services entail?

If you are in search of a Taboola ad agency, it’s important to look for a team with a work methodology that allows for collaboration.

At Signifi Media, we partner with our clients to conceptualise, strategize and execute targeted, results-driven, automated native ad campaigns. Having insight to our clients’ business, and using the best global native advertising technologies, we will reach your audience, no matter where or who they are.

These are the areas we focus on when setting up your Taboola native advertising campaigns:

  • Ad campaign setup – we create your ad campaign based on your marketing objectives and the metrics you want the campaign to achieve.
  • Targeting – your Taboola native ad campaign is targeted based on location, time, browser type, connection type, audience segments, and more. We recommend your native advertising to the most receptive and relevant audiences across top publisher sites.
  • Ad creative – we design eye-catching imagery and write compelling ad copy for your native ads.
  • Campaign optimisation – we continually test and perfect your ad creative, targeting and CPC options for maximum performance.
  • Transparent, actionable data – we give you a 360-degree look at what’s working best, and where we can improve to see your best campaign performance.
  • Goal-focussed results – we ensure your ad campaign results answer back to your marketing objectives.

Contact our Taboola native ads experts to identify, target, acquire and retain customers for your business

As one of Australia’s top native programmatic advertising companies, we can deliver world-class campaigns for your business. At Signifi Media, we have an outstanding track record of successful programmatic advertising campaigns.

We have been at the forefront of automated media buying in Australia since our introduction into the market here. Our expert programmatic trading desk is dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service and precision targeting.

If you are looking for a native advertising agency that specialises in Taboola advertising, contact us today. We build and deliver the most advanced, data-driven native advertising strategies to help you identify, target, acquire and retain customers.