Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO)

Want to entice and engage your customers with personalised, dynamic retargeting adverts that compliment your brand that are not just an “out of the box” templated solution?

Our bespoke and dynamic retargeting platform, Loopa Retargeting, will customise and optimise your dynamic creative.

Using your data, your dynamic retargeting ads will update automatically to match your product range, ensuring that all of your campaigns stay fresh, current and relevant.

After the product page is viewed, your advertisements are displayed across social and display networks. 

Facebook Product Catalogue Adverts.

Signifi Media was one of the first Australian owned and developed “Dynamic Advert Servers” to integrate with Facebook’s “Product Catalogue Adverts”. We use our own technology “Loopa” to ingest products from your website and integrate these directly into Facebook. What this means is we show your products to the right people at the right time!

Retargeting in Facebook.

We will do all the hard lifting and integrate your products directly into Facebook. Don’t have product to sell? Chasing leads instead? No problem, our specialist Ad Operations team work across many verticals to drive leads. In fact, members of our team are experts in lead generation and have seen conversion rates as high as 10% (industry average 2%). That’s crazy high!

Accelerate your growth.

We have helped many online businesses grow and prosper through the good and bad.  When things aren’t working we red flag it and work hard to optimise and turn performance around.

We drive success.

There are no lock in contracts with Signifi Media. Every campaign needs to drive results – therefore if we are not performing our clients are free to go elsewhere. With 95% retention rate – join us to assist in the success of your online business.

Step 1.
We’ll write up a campaign plan.

Our Account Managers will review your business, understand your audience and then work with our Ad Operations team to find the best channels for your success. We have over 50 Private Market Place deals with some of the largest publishers in Australia so we don’t just advertise on Facebook and Google!

Step 2.
We execute your campaigns.

Our Ad operations team work daily to optimise campaigns – this means reviewing the little nuggets of data and information that we can manipulate to drive higher sales or leads.

Ready to start your project?

No project is too large or too small. Our team of creatives are ready to start your project.