Data-driven advertising for Apps

Our app advertising solution, along with your strategy can deliver personalised, dynamic ads that will bring your users back into the app.

With abandonment rates for app users (after initial installs) still being alarmingly high and brands being continually challenged to being app users back, a significant component of app strategies include data-driven advertising.

Data-driven advertising for Apps is a powerful tool that will boost engagement across the entire lifecycle of your app and convert more users into loyal, paying customers.

This is where we can help. Knowing how crucial your app can be for conversions, we’ll target those users who have downloaded your app, prompting them to get engaged again, to ensure that app usage remains steady.

Re-engage for increased conversions

Typically, app users browse more products, add more to their shopping baskets and convert at a higher rate of three times more than regular mobile users. 71% of mobile sales happen in-app and brands with a shopping app generate 68% of their transactions on smart phones and tablets.

Yes, it can be a challenge to bring your users back, but once they’re re-engaged, they’re 30% more likely to return and shop within the app. Our app advertising can lead to increased opportunities to re-connect with your defaulted users, increase your conversions and strengthening your relationship with current and future high-value customers.


Without a strategy to proactively engage your app downloaders, installed base usage can quickly diminish. A huge risk to address in your strategy is the potential churn of unengaged users (after app install). This can be as high as seven in 10 app users.

We will work closely with you to ensure that every app advertising campaign will have a conversion goal, along with the data to accurately analyse your KPIs.

When assigning the conversion goal to your app strategy, some of the goals that we can consider are:

  • App installs
  • Retention rate
  • Lifetime value
  • App engagement (number of app sessions, daily active users)
  • K-factor
  • In-app purchase revenue and conversion rate

Data-driven advertising for Apps is already a seasoned, straight forward form a marketing. Mobile advertising is a bit different and our solution will deliver personalised, dynamic ads that will bring app users back into your app, no matter where they are online.

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