Data-Driven Advertising

If your website doesn’t have a 100% conversion rate, then data-driven advertising should be the next step in your marketing strategy.

Data-driven advertising helps customers through the buying process by presenting adverts to people across search, social and native networks.

Buyer’s journeys aren’t as linear as we would like to think. People visit your website and some will purchase or enquire on the first visit. Others check back in over a few days or weeks before purchasing or enquiring.

What is data-driven advertising?

Data-driven advertising is a form of targeted online advertising served to people who have viewed your website. It begins by placing a cookie on your website. An advert is shown to the same visitor after they leave your website as they view other websites.

When managed correctly, data-driven advertising campaigns can lead to high click-through rates, increased conversions and creating repeat customers at a very low cost. In fact, data-driven advertising is touted as the most under-utilised digital marketing tool by 46% of SEM professionals.

How does it work?

Data-driven advertising works by placing an anonymous cookie on the browser of your site visitors. Then, an ad is displayed to that same visitor after they leave your site (and continue on to other sites). Heaps of ad networks like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo! and Pinterest allow for data-driven advertising ads.


Data-driven advertising is effective at all benchmarks in the lifecycle of your customer, not just at the bottom of the funnel. You can successfully target your existing audience/customers with enticing offers, promotions for new products or brand announcements.

At its core, data-driven advertising is at its best when its bringing “window shoppers” back to your site by converting them into customers and increasing your sales and revenue. It will also increase your brand awareness and overall reach as your ads will be constantly displayed to interested site visitors.

Data-driven advertising ads are synonymous with high click-through rates, increased conversions and creating repeat customers at a very low cost. In fact, data-driven advertising is touted as the most underutilised digital marketing tool by 46% of SEM professionals.

Are you data-driven advertising site visitors that have abandoned their shopping cart before purchasing a product from your site? If not, why not? Have a look through your recent site analytics for how many times a cart was abandoned before payment and ask yourself how great it would be to convert one out of every four of those abandoners into a new customer and a new sale. A significant number of prospects, 26% to be exact, will return and complete their online check out.

Data-driven advertising builds on trust and familiarity, encouraging previous visitors to further engage with your brand, inviting the opportunity for sequential messaging, which consumers find to be more useful.

Lastly, we advocate complimenting data-driven advertising with Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) We will build your customised dynamic creative ad-tech in-house by our highly skilled and experienced Ad Operations team, but we also offer a white-label solution for Agencies as well. We specialise in all things dynamic and love to push the limits with our technology. As we wrote our own ad-tech, it’s easy for us to quickly meet your requirements, so you can turn window shoppers into buyers.

Step 1. We’ll write up a campaign plan.

Our Account Managers will review your business, understand your audience and then work with our Ad Operations team to find the best channels for your success. We have over 50 Private Market Place deals with some of the largest publishers in Australia so we don’t just run on Facebook and Google!

Step 2. We execute your campaigns.

Our Ad operations team work daily to optimise our clients campaigns – this means reviewing the little nuggets of data and information that we can manipulate to drive higher sales or leads.

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