App Landing Pages

Mobile apps have become more than just a singular mobile experience and require proper promotion of their identity, function and deliverables.

Mobile apps have organically evolved into a significant element of a multi-platform strategy, inviting users to connect on any device, proving transferable data and a seamlessly consistent experience.

When it comes to promoting your app, landing pages will highlight your app’s leading features, with the sole intention of driving app downloads. Acting as introductory web pages, these landing pages will leverage basic SEO and conversion optimisation principals with the primary goal of encouraging app downloads.

We can build you a landing page that is intelligently designed, responsive, SEO friendly and conversion oriented.

Landing pages can easily create hype and buzz during your app’s development phase.

Whether its pre-launch or promoting a soon to be released new version with additional features and functions. This will build a new audience for you to re-target later when it’s time to launch.

If the landing page is created prior to launching your app, one key intention will be the collection of user emails. Not only will this become the base of your app’s data base, after the app is launched you can send the download link to all of your interested users and you can also request that they review the app as well.

Since your landing page will be SEO friendly, you will see a boost in organic downloads.

Along with user reviews, you can reach out to your app users requesting feedback on any new features or bug related issues.

Core components

In-app landing pages are crucial to your campaign’s ROI and we will incorporate these important and impactful components into your app’s landing page (to increase conversion rates):

  • App icon and your brand’s logo
  • Hi-res screenshots
  • Explainer videos
  • Informative description with relevant keywords
  • Unique features of the app
  • User testimonials and reviews link (where possible)
  • Social media channels associated to the app and your brand

These are the pages that your app launches to after a user clicks/taps on ad or on the first launch after installing the app.

Get the balance right

We are well versed in the challenges of introducing an app, articulating its unique value and promoting its download on a landing page, all the while maintaining visual clarity. So, when we create your app’s landing pages, we’ll showcase the right amount of information, balanced with brand friendly imagery and a direct CTA.

We want to let potential your users know just what the app can do for them. Combining the right amount of inspiration, imagination, personality and design we deliver a key introduction that does just that.

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