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digital advertising performance?

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Do you use Google, Facebook or Instagram to promote your business and find your ad performance has stagnated?

Are you using an agency to assist you and feel that you should be doing a lot better with your return on ad spend?

The truth is, there is a lot of knowledge that is needed to understand the way the social and search networks operate, and how to correctly set up the campaigns to unlock the full potential of these platforms. There are many trade-secrets that can open the floodgates to in-market buyers for your products, if you know how.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and marketing managers make is getting a great looking ad produced at high cost, then finding out that they have no idea how to unlock the audiences that are looking to buy!

Most business owners are misguided in believing that sales will come just by having the ads on Google and Facebook. This is true, BUT only when you have experience in delivering buyers, not browsers. A fancy ad doesn’t mean high sales.

A lot of marketing companies will happily take your money and spend 80% of it on production and management fees, leaving you with very limited budget to actually deliver results. And worse than that, the money that is spent on delivering results often isn’t sufficiently tracked to the agreed objectives, meaning you don’t ever see better efficiency in your campaign performance!

What you need to do is find a Sales Conversion Specialist that can help you exploit the full potential of these advertising channels.

That’s where we can help.

Signifi Media specialise in driving direct sales for Retail and E-commerce businesses with significant performance gains. And better still, we have developed our own technology to significantly increase transactions, LTV’s, repeat purchases, larger cart sizes and re-engaging dormant accounts.

Get your FREE 100% no-obligation 1-hour Strategy Session Call (Valued at $1250) and we will show you how your business can thrive (not just survive) in your market.

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