Grow your business using Instagram’s new Keyword search

Struggling to find the right hashtags to improve your visibility on Instagram?

You don’t have to worry about it anymore because Instagram has introduced ‘the new Keyword Search option to grow business pages.

In November 2020, Instagram announced an update to its search functionality, giving users the capacity to search for specific keywords instead of being limited to profiles, hashtags, and locations. At the moment, keyword search results is a feature limited to users from English-speaking countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, US, and Ireland.

Have you noticed this in your account? As an owner of a business Instagram profile, this update may help your posts get found even if you have not used a specific hashtag.

To use it, open up your Instagram app on your device and head to the search bar at the bottom of your home screen. Once you type in a keyword based on what you’d like to browse, Instagram will populate related searches based on your keyword which you can tap on. It will then take you to an Explore page with an image feed related to your search.

These changes have the potential to impact how mobile is utilised for insights, targeting, and conversion attribution, which will not only affect app developers and publishers who monetise their apps but also advertisers.

Here are three ways to use Instagram keyword search:

  • Customer Engagement and Account Growth
    Finding new people from now will be easier. You can now search for posts by using the keywords that your ideal customer might use within their caption. Instagram will let people search the keywords themselves, meaning posts that feature specific content should surface, even if the tag is missing.This growth method takes getting to know your audience and their interests outside of your brand to hone in on what keywords and phrases to search. The keywords need to be written in the caption, but Instagram uses many factors and algorithms to find out what is worth surfacing and what is most relevant to the keywords typed in the search bar.
  • Market Research
    The new tool will help the companies to do competitors analysis based on their keywords and see what their audience has to say about them. They will see if a customer is happy or highlights some pain points that can be improved on the product or service.All of this helps create better content that resonates with your audience, thereby boosting your social media presence.
  • Attract your ideal customer
    Finally, Instagram’s keyword search can help your business grow on social media because it can make it easier for customers to find you.Select the correct keywords in the captions will pay off more than ever. Instagram will also rank its keyword search results based on several factors, including the type of content, captions, when it was posted, and more. The opportunity to expand and reach new people every day it now reality.

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