Signifi Media makes the AFR’s Top 100 Fast List for 2021

We are super proud to have made the AFR’s Top 100 Fast List for 2021.

The Fast 100 list recognises the fastest growing Australian companies for 2021 and we would like to thank our wonderful staff, all our clients and partners for their continued support that has helped us grow so fast these last few years! Our Loopa Automate platform continues to sign up international partners and we are seeing even more record growth for H1 of FY22. Read on below for more information about Signifi Media and our Loopa Automate platform.

Marketing automation technology developed in Western Australia has propelled performance advertising specialist Signifi Media into the AFR’s Top 100 Fast List for 2021.

Loopa Automate is a key component of the online marketing and digital solutions agency. With a growing staff of more than 20, Signifi Media focuses on performance and conversions for its clients but offers a range of complementary services including programmatic advertising, eCommerce, web design, digital strategy, native automation and search engine optimisation.

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Making conversions, building your brand & online marketplace

We are an online marketing and digital solutions agency with extensive knowledge of programmatic advertising, eCommerce and web development.

With over 17 years experience across a range of online disciplines, our team of experts are analytically driven when it comes to display and Social advert campaigns, optimisation and performance. In fact, we’re lucky enough to manage the online advertising operations of some of Australia’s biggest brands.

It is easy to dismiss digital marketing if your business is doing ‘well’.

Well, it can always be performing better.

When was the last time you heard of an interesting new business? Did you pull out your smartphone and Google the business’s name? If you land on an uninteresting landing page chances are you will promptly click off to another website. There is a chance this could be happening to your audience.

It is easy to overlook important steps in your digital marketing that could be causing you to miss out on even more leads or sales.

Signifi Media can assist you with all of your needs in Digital Ad Strategy, Online / Ecommerce Sales, Leads, Web Development and lot more. Get in touch today and we can arrange a free digital review and strategy session for your business.

What is a digital strategy?

Simply defined, it is the application of new technologies to existing business activity and/or a focus on the enablement of new digital capabilities to the business.

Chances are you are already spending money on digital assets (like a website), and on advertising channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Google’s Display Network) but without a well thought-out strategy your digital goals may be misaligned with your business goals.

We break digital strategies into a series of stages to ensure your brand is omnipresent, active across multiple platforms and engages your customers online in real time.

Step 1 – Discovery Stage.

Our team begins by understanding what you are trying to accomplish and what is necessary to get you here. We will deep-dive into who, where and how your audience behaves.

Have you been running digital marketing up until now? Running a SWOT analysis, our experts will assess your efforts in search of achievements and sticking points to improve on. We will discover your strengths, your weaknesses, future opportunities to work towards and any potential threats to avoid.

Step 2 – Competition Analysis.

How does your business compare to your competition and what makes you stand out from the crowd? Is your current online presence poor in comparison?

Our experts will highlight the areas for improvement and outline a clear path to outperform your rivals. It could be as simple as targeting a specific sub-group of your audience or optimising your messaging and call to actions.

Step 3 – Marking the goal posts.

Imagine a football game without goal posts. The siren sounds, the ball is bounced but the next four quarters are nothing more than an exciting string of kick to kicks.

This is what your digital marketing might look like if you haven’t clearly outlined how to measure your success and set a clear strategy to success. There is no one-size-fits all approach in digital marketing. A results-driven approach is imperative and with a strong plan to succeed our team will help take your business to the next level.

Step 4 – Audience and Budget.

Knowing who your audience is can sometimes be simple enough, but knowing which sub-group or demographic of your audience to target is where things get a little more complex. We lean on your expertise to plan who, where and how we target to bring optimal success to your campaign.

Beyond the important decision of selecting your audience comes selecting the budget of your campaign. Many business owners have big goals, but fail to invest the right budget to their digital marketing activities. You can rely on our account managers, ad-operations team and creatives to assist in explaining and assisting you in deciding on the correct budget and receiving a positive return on investment (ROI).

Step 5 – Reports and Optimisation.

Without correct campaign goal setting, tracking and reporting you won’t know how successful your digital marketing activity is. Our ad-operations team set specific goals to track and search for ways to improve your campaign.

We realise that your time is best spent running your business so we strive to keep reports succinct and informative.

Let’s not put all our eggs in one basket.

Your new strategy will enable innovation by facilitating organisational change that will lead your business to engage new and wider audiences, attract more customers and brand ambassadors and lastly, generate more transactions.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-per-click (PPC) or Paid Search is the paid listings that appear above organic search results. These adverts are charged by the number of clicks.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The process of enhancing a website to improve its ranking in organic search engine results with the goal of improving the quantity and quality of leads to your website through organic search results.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Advertisements or sponsored marketing on popular social media platforms, targeting a specific sub-audience.

Remarketing Advertising

Online targeted advertising where advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous online interactions. It allows businesses to strategically position their adverts to their audience and remind them to make a purchase.

Ad Automation

Our automated platform will gather information found on your website and generate high quality banners to advertise to in-market and relevant audiences.

Dynamic Creative Platform

Using your data, your dynamic retargeting ads will update automatically to match your product range, ensuring that all of your campaigns stay fresh, current and relevant.

We will help you to build a unique, clearly defined and achievable strategy that ensures you’ll become more competitive in the digital world. 

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