Meet our team

We are a digital marketing and solutions agency with over 20 years of knowledge and experience across a range of online disciplines.

More than this we are close knit team of meme creators, musicians and beach-loving, craft beer enthusiasts.

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Nick Sertis

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Matt Cahill

Director & Co-Founder

Jason Norris

Technical Director

Aline Pino

Head of AdOperations
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Camilla S

UX & Strategist

Mark Glorie

Senior Developer

Shihab Shahriar Ahmed

Software Developer

Chris Xiong

Web Developer

Matt Foti

Senior Product Designer

Aleisha S.

Junior Developer

Belinda Wilson

Senior Account Manager

Courtney Henshall

Senior Account Manager

Amanda Allier

Senior Account Manager

Jamie Melville

Senior Programmatic Executive

Ana Ivovic

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Karen L

Senior AdOperations


Programmatic Executive

Ravi Patil

Software Developer


Programmatic Executive