9 Tips For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, presenting companies with a great opportunity to introduce their brand to new shoppers and attract buyers in volume.

This season also presents the perfect opportunity to increase engagement with existing customers and boost their lifetime value.

In 2018 over 43% of shoppers started their Christmas shopping in November or earlier, and 50% of holiday shopping was completed by December 3rd, 2018. Due to this shift in shopping habits we can expect better results if we run Christmas promotions and sales in November and early December and then post-holiday sales in January.

To help you prepare for this holiday season we’ve listed our top tips below:

  • Prepare your Promotional Strategy
    It’s important to think about whether you are going to have sales during the holiday period, and if so which products you are going to put on sale and when. Planning this ahead of time can help you to maximise sales and ensure stock levels are right.
  • Use The Power of Email
    Email marketing over the holiday period is a powerful marketing tool for driving sales and interest. It is important that you schedule your emails in advance and that you analyse your historical data to find which EDM’s have previously worked best. Signifi’s EDM Sync will help you maximise return on the EDM content by engaging your EDM database wherever they are online, not just those who open the email.
  • Promotional Ad Campaign
    Incorporating Christmas or holiday themes into your creatives will help ensure customers quickly know what the promotion is for. Facebook results have shown that Christmas themed creatives tend to perform a lot better and can create an urgency to buy. When planning your promotional campaigns it is also important to note that campaigns with both static and video assets achieved higher conversion when compared to static images alone. Updating your display advertisements and socials to reflect the Christmas season can also increase click through rates.
  • Encourage Engagement with Customers
    The holiday period is a great time to enhance your relationships with your existing customers and build relationships with new customers.
    • Using polls on Facebook and Instagram can be a great way to get customers engaged in your content and make your brand memorable.
    • Leaving cards in customers online packages is another great way to engage with customers, cards can include thank you messages, wishing them a happy holidays or giving them discounts for future purchases. When sending out cards leaving your social links and prompting customers to tag your brand or sharing photos of the product is a great way to not only to engage customers but also to gain some great user generated content.
  • Creating Gift Guides
    Whether you are getting new stock in specifically for the holiday season or not, creating a gift guide is a great way to show your customers you care, while promoting your products. It can be hard trying to figure out what to buy your loved ones, so creating a gift guide can help customers find that perfect gift. These gift guides make for the perfect EDM or blog post.In addition to gift guides, Christmas is the perfect time to bundle products and create gift packs. Make sure to include these in your gift guides.
  • Creating Holiday Specific Landing Pages
    Directing customers to a holiday specific Landing Page is a great way to promote your gift packs, items from your gift guide and any other products you think customers will need over the Christmas period.
  • Utilise Stories for Inspiration
    Stories are the new shop window, allowing consumers to browse to find ideas and inspiration. In 2018, 63% of Christmas shoppers used stories and 62% of users become more interested in a brand or product after viewing it on a story.
  • Strategically Place Stocking Fillers
    During the Christmas period customers are generally buying multiple presents for multiple people. This makes the placement of items on your stores crucial, especially stocking fillers or impulse buys. Consider placing lower priced items in areas on your website where customers can quickly and easily add them to their cart. Areas such as “People Also Bought” and “You May Also Like”, can be useful. Also consider using pop ups before customers finalise their checkout.
  • Remember there is more to the Holiday Season then just Christmas
    When thinking about the holiday season, Christmas is often the first thing that pops into most peoples mind, however, it is important to remember that there are a lot of important dates for companies to consider when planning for the holiday period, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanks Giving (for any company with customers in North America), Last Day for Shipping, Boxing Day and New Years. It is also important to remember to plan for post holiday retention in 2020, in order to keep sales flowing.

The holiday season is fast approaching and is an amazing time for companies to grow their sales and enhance their brand image.

Here at Signifi we want to help our customers do this, so we will be in touch to discuss how we can assist you to maximise your sales leading into the holiday season.